How to Create an App (Mobile App) from Zero Without Knowing To Schedule

Creating an app may seem the hardest thing in the world but it’s not so much if you know how to…

I’ve been trying to write this article for a long time, and I haven’t done it before for lack of information. There’s a lot of confusion about creating apps and that’s why I’d like to identify the kind of reader I can help.

This content can help if:

  • You have no programming knowledge.
  • You have a business and you want to make your own app.
  • You have little money and you can’t pay a programmer.
  • You want to learn how to create simple apps to dedicate yourself to it.

And if you are in one of these countries much better:

  • United States.

Are you this kind of reader? because let’s start

List of Programs to Create an App

Since you don’t have any programming knowledge you will have to use a web tool that allows you to perform the whole process in an easy and friendly environment.

I’ve compiled a list of the best programs to create apps.

  • (Good Price & Support)
  • GoodBarber.
  • Appypie.
  • Swiftic.
  • Mobincube.
  • Appyourself.
  • Movappcreator.
  • Shoutem.
  • Appsbuilder.
  • Mobile Roadie.
  • App Machine.
  • io.

And now the million-dollar question… Which one to choose?

To explain and develop this article I will focus on Good barber, my nominee for best app builder.

Well, I don’t know if it’s going to be the best, but it’s the one I like the most and the best taste of the mouth has left me.

After writing and trying to get in touch with many of these creators, the communication has not been entirely satisfactory. What I value most above all, is support and customer service.

One of the big problems I found in most tools is language. Almost everyone is in English and it’s hard to understand them if you don’t understand the language well.

Good Barber is a company that has been growing since 2011 and frankly they are doing very well. I think it’s one of the most powerful creators out there to date and easier to use.

However, as always I advise… test to have your own conclusions.

And if you don’t have time to try then let yourself go

Let’s move on…

Where to start?

One of the great differences of this creator compared to others are the new Web APP or PWA (Progressive Web Application).

I think you need to know the differences that exist between native APP that you already know with Web APPs.

It will depend on the project you want to carry out to choose between them.

Let’s look at the differences.

Native App

These are the apps you already know. They are downloaded from the APP Store or Google Play and installed on your mobile device.

They are developed specifically for an operating system: iOS, Android or Windows Phone.


  • It is an App that accesses all the features of the Device taking advantage of all its functionalities (processor power, memory, etc.)
  • Execution and loading is faster.
  • More visibility into app Stores where you publish it as they have many potential users.
  • However, you’ll have to work on its ASO positioning.
  • You can use the APP without an internet connection when it has been downloaded from an APP Store.


  • It requires some more advanced knowledge. Although to this day they can be done with such creators.
  • Higher costs and time.
  • They need to be published in the APP Stores and you require authorization of them. In the case of Apple, to publish the app to your store you have to have a developer license and that will cost an annual fee. Although with creators like Good barber you will have the cost of free verification if you contract their iOS Premium plan.
  • They need to be positioned and updated in the same Stores.
  • All programming code is exclusively for the platform of your choice. Not valid for all systems. For example: for iOS (Object-C language) and for Android (Java).
  • Each time you have to make an update you will have to “upload” it back to the corresponding stores.


It’s an evolution of native app. It brings the best of native APPs to web pages. Native APP + Web-Web APP.


  • They are fully index-able by search engines. It means google will find it and that’s good.
  • They take up much less space in the terminal because they don’t install if you don’t want to.
  • You avoid the tedious management of publishing to APP Stores.
  • Being a website the updates or changes are immediate. You do not require any authorization from Google or Apple.
  • They are economical and require shorter development times.
  • They can have the same behavior as a Native APP.
  • You don’t need to create a developer account to publish them like native ones, and it doesn’t cost you money either.
  • The same programming code is visible on all platforms, iOS, Android, etc.


An internet connection is required to work. Although when it runs for the first time depending on the app it can stay in memory.

  • They offer more limited access to the hardware features of the device.
  • As they are not stored in any store, they need a web space.
  • They don’t work in the background.

Many are against web APP however I think they have come to stay.

We’re probably heading towards a smoother way to use mobile apps. I like to have to install an app less and less every time I want to use it or just try it. Maybe it should be something optional, don’t you think?

Web APPs are more accessible than native APP because they don’t require the steps of having to enter the app store, waiting for download and configuration.

Web APPs can generate a shortcut link on your mobile device. They can also create a QR code to scan and share by email or other modes.

In the end the user has no way to distinguish them.

Which one to choose?

Well, it will depend a lot on the type of app you want to create. I’m sure with all the pros and cons you’ve known you’ll already know which one to use.

In general I would advise you to use a Web APP. But if you need your app to use specific phone features then you’ll have to choose a native one.

Features you can install in your App

Someone has asked me if I could create Whats app or Wallop apps. You should know that these types of apps are created by groups of programmers with high knowledge and not by a single person.

All the tools I’ve named in this article are used to create simple applications. However, there are a number of modules and add-ons that you can install that will allow you to do very interesting things. For example:

  • Loyalty Cards.You can create a loyalty program for your customers. You can also reward the best.
  • Discount coupon program.
  • Authentication. Allow your customers to have a password user account to give access to certain parts of the app.
  • Community. With this functionality you will be able to manage a community of users as well as define groups.
  • Integrate an instant messaging chat into your app.
  • Scheduled Push Notifications. You can send unlimited notifications to your users and analyze their viewing performance. This functionality is key.
  • Geofencing. You can define the geographic areas where to send notifications.
  • A beacon is a radio signal. You can send a notice each time a user approaches.
  • SMS Notifications. You can send them messages from your dashboard.
  • Squarespace. You can sync all your Page content within the app.
  • You can show third-party ads and charge for it by adding these types of features.
  • Live Audio and Video. To stream live video and radio programs.
  • API Access. To enable advanced features to further customize your app.
  • To sell through your app with shopping cart. This functionality is being created and will be ready shortly.

As you can see you can create very interesting applications and most importantly it is not excessively difficult.

After all this talk I think it’s time to start creating your app.

How to Create an App from Scratch

With this tool you can only create native Apps for Android and iOS. And in the case of Web APP can be viewed on all kinds of devices regardless of branding (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile).

You can start with the simple version. For 30 days you can try all the features of the tool and choose later if you need the other plan.

You’ll quickly realize if it captivates you like he’s done to me.

You don’t have to give a credit card or anything to begin with.

Just an email address and password.

In the next step you will have to choose the type of app you want to create:

  • Internal App for the Company.
  • Religion App.
  • Travel and tourism app.
  • Events App.
  • App for Online Store.
  • Education App.
  • Sports App.
  • Radio, Podcast or YouTube app.
  • Magazine, News or Blog App.
  • Health and Wellness App.
  • Services Company App.

Name your APP and let the magic begin.

It’s like a programmer got into your computer and did you a big favor…

Step 2 – Control Panel

I love the control panel. It is very intuitive and easy to use.

As you can see there are a number of steps you have to work on.

App Name, Category, Theme (Visual Template), Global Style, Logo, Icon, Launch Screen, Content and Try App.

Don’t be afraid to “touch.” Experimenting is the best way to learn and if you screw up you can always start over.

The most beautiful thing about this process is the creation since you have many customization options where to play and this is your business.

I could explain all the options of the tool but I think it would be a complicated task to write in this same article.

I thought it might be a good idea to record a video tutorial to accompany you throughout the process.

What do you think? you can write to me in the comments and we’ll get to work.

There are many tools to create apps and this is just one of them.

From here is when you’ll realize if it’s really the tool you’re looking for and only you can know.

Step 3 – Save and Publish.

The last step will be to publish the app. It will depend on the type of application you have chosen.

If it has been the native App the process will be a little more laborious, but you can always go to the Spanish support.

And if it’s a Web APP the publishing process will be much easier.

I hope this article has been helpful to you to know how to create an app. At the end of the whole process it’s not as complicated as it seems.

The process of creating a mobile app was something very laborious and confusing, but to this day there are many tools that allow you to do so.

The one you’ve known in this article is just one of them…

As always, you can write to me in the comments any doubts you have.


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