Viber used Mixpanel to increase sharing, chats, and messaging for its users

Viber is the cross-platform texting and voice over IP (VoIP) application, worked by Rakuten. With the ascent of online life and remaining associated through applications, Viber is an innovator right now move, interfacing more than one billion enlisted users with their companions, family, and network individuals all through the world. Viber’s mixed plan of action comprises of both in-application buys and conventional and local publicizing where brands join forces with the platform to serve advertisements, have local gathering talks, dispatch limited time stickers, eCommerce reconciliations, and the sky is the limit from there.

To comprehend what makes Viber more diversion for its users, the team needed exact information to get an all-encompassing comprehension of messaging WhatsApp Web examples and how they might change the product to move the needle of their most significant business drivers—expanding commitment and improving maintenance.


With Mixpanel’s Core Reports and JQL, the team tests users conduct information from their billions of followed occasions, at first sent through an information pipeline run on Amazon Web Services.

With Mixpanel, we find the solutions we have to execute on our vision,” says Oz Radiano, Senior Product Manager.

Improving its user experience

Testing billions of user occasions on the messaging platform and investigating those occasions and properties through Mixpanel, Viber can make product choices that improve the UX. Hence, individuals invest more energy in-application, make and get more calls, and send and get more incessant messages inside the platform. It engages every one of us to make more educated choices, and essentially move such a lot quicker,” says Oz.

Different ways Mixpanel causes them to comprehend are KPIs like standard meeting length per user or partners of users, recurrence of messages sent each day/week/month, the time it takes for a user to open the application, and carry their first message, and so on. Mixpanel experiences give the team substantial evidence on where they have to change the platform to drive wanted use designs, notwithstanding figuring out how to reconnect lethargic users to turn out to be more effective ones. These product cycles added up to monstrous change after some time.

I love Mixpanel because it gives our team a reasonable and quick wind.

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