What are the Stress Pases

Stress as a pathological entity does not appear suddenly but develops following a pattern in which three phases differ:

  • Alarm: occurs when a person is faced with a complicated or new situation to which the body reacts by considering it as a real threat and prepares to deal with it with energy, putting in place the endocrine system so that the production of different hormones, including adrenaline, nor epinephrine and cortisol.

    This immediately results in a physiological reaction that is characterized by increased heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate and producing a state of widespread tension in the muscles. It is a situation of threat to a specific situation that is resolved after confronting or fleeing it, re-normalizing after consuming all the energy previously released.

  • Resistance: occurs when the alarm state in which the organism has entered or is repeatedly reproduced is maintained over time. Initially the body adapts to this situation, but then the tiredness ends and with it the first symptoms appear as a result of the effort made. These can include headaches, feeling fatigued, muscle contractual (especially in the neck, lower back and back), memory problems, sleep disturbances, irritability and mood swings, feeling of failure, pessimistic attitude, tendency to eat more, anxiety status, etc..
fases del estrés
  • Exhaustion: if it is reached it is that the real problems can arise, especially if the resilience to which it has been subjected to the organism is exhausted, which generates a new alarm situation that adds to the previous one and enters a chain that prolongs the stress situation more than desirable and ends up weakening the body to the point of affecting the immune system, reducing its ability to neutralize the action of microorganisms; to the circulatory system increasing heart rate and blood pressure to the point of promoting the possibility of having a heart or stroke; and may cause panic or anxiety crises, as well as other conditions, such as exacerbation of eczema, the appearance of ulcers in the oral mucous, diarrhea, intestinal pains, etc.


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